Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Y 7:07 PM


tata my abode, you've served me well
but now its time for a change!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Y 9:31 PM

THiS is as free as i can get. posting photos is my only form of recreation now
but i've gotta keep going and not STOP.
foam clay wiremesh maskingtape foam clay maskingtape typetype keyboard
metal splinters.
who still thinks ID is no brainer just doodle course?
put up your hand so i can slap you.
a race against out tutors. lets see who gets tired first!

Saturday, February 07, 2009 Y 1:18 AM

though i did not do much of my PROJECTS.

okkay went for driving in de late morning and for ONCE i was 30mins early...
something wrong with my estimation...wasted 30 mins!!!
kindof happy cause i've only got 2 more lessons to compplete!!! hope i PASS though. HUR

took a bus to suyin's house aafter driving ard 2pm for mahjongg...
but ended up walking out to buy NASILEMAK and PUKKA icecream!!!
a GOODGOOD alternative of COLD ROCK....with their authentic ribena icecream!!
played a few rounds of mahjong and went back to STUDIO

cut abit of foam here and there and we set off in clementi's van to LIANGCOURT...
raining cats and dogs jam here and there...blahblahblah tingtingting goes de speedometer
picked eleen up picked angelatte up...
finally reached LIANGCOURT.
had uber yummie curry katsu udon at de jap market...DAMMMMN good!! worth de 10bucks!! chewy and all...
off we went to GOTHAM the penthouse for sdebash.
so boring lahh...alot of ummmm...?moments... haha...
only thing good was the free drink which came with de ticket!!
sooo...had vodlka coke surprisely didnt get drunk
and cause someone else didnt want her drink i went to get a cosmo and drink angelatte's too...
hahaha...gulp gulp cause we wanted to get out asap
like cool drinks with dancy beats with friends is okay but loud music with a HERD of people and crazy TECHNO lights is not okay. its like so ahbeng standard. HUR.
anyways. so off we went to....
totally worth the 30bucks!!
its like i wish i could record down how i felt springing up and trying to catch my heart and then dangling up there with the MAGNIFICANT scenery!!!
OMGOMG KESTER! i totally had the want to scream but nothing came out thing!
like really my voice box got left down there!!
pple actually clapped for us when we came down...maybe cause we were 3 guniangs up there...HAHA!
supper at macs.
but that guilt is killing me. i hate it.
gotta go mad tmr foam clay foam clay cardboard foam clay pencils ruler pencils eraser

Thursday, January 22, 2009 Y 9:19 PM

22nd jan. the day my baby died.
i cant reallie write a speech about this boy.
cause the thought of how he came into my life stabs my heart and sends tears down my cheek.
he brought me much joy and comfort.
he was always there when no one else knew how i felt.
he didnt say much not cause he couldnt
but cause he knew the true meaning of listening.
my baby chases me around for honey stars.
how i wish i could still say that.
my ope baby.
i hope you're somewhere happier.
i'll miss you my baby of 7years and 8months.
i'll take care of your snowy. i hope he knows you'll live in his heart forever.
talking about helvetica.
i lost my baby just like that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Y 10:04 PM

who ever knew that theres so much to helvetica.

went swimming with cerise chen last cuteeee!!! hahahaha so much to say, too little space, too much glare in the eyes.
ran 8rounds round the track yesterday and played two netball proud of myself :D haha but its not much though...compared to 42km...hahahha!! i'm aching all over but i'm glad i moved my legs...hur...saw a frog leaping hurdles during out running session...haha some track guy with supersuper long legs and he jumped like 6 hurdles a few cm apart in one go...haha...and we saw a chocolate running...OH ZOE! after you left sinyan and i saw dark chocolate tooo!! HAHA

today we watched a one and a half hr long video on FONT. the HELVETICA font. eventhough it seemed like it was a video on FONT and how certain designers felt about FONT, i saw something deeper. (wow, i know). haha. it seems like certain things/people/places/objects have been so prevalent in our daily life that we DO take them for granted. so much so that we may say that we treasure something/someone but infact, we do not fully appreciate what is before us. dont think it happens to me though but i know it does to humans. hurhur. anyways, time changes everything. it stops for no one but it changes everyone. how powerful it is when it does not even exist physically... hmmm...

how i wish time would just stand still. like STOP. stop running so fast!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Y 10:49 PM


hmm so 2009 has arrived.
how quickly it came and how swiftly oheight went i have to refer my J1 days as last last last year. omg....
time flies and so do feelings. hur. maybe its the start of school. maybe its cause i'm finally feeling the pressure of getting a excellent cap score. maybe it is cause of the horrendous amount of projects i know i have to complete in order to get my well deserved 3 month holiday.
or maybe it is just as simple as a change of heart.
i feel different now when i look you in the eye...i feel different when i wave goodbye.
i dont know. maybe its time to grow up.
quit being so dependent, quit thinking silly thoughts.
i dont know how long more i can hold on
everytime i want to let go, something happens and i get pulled in again.
its a vicious cycle. a bittersweet kind of thing.(no idea what its called)
think its time, to do my own locomotion. to get away and be alone.
perfect time. coop myself up in my studio and have alone time with pink foam and a red nose.
its like cutting a perfectly round and smooth cake.
but all good things eventually come to an end isnt it?

Saturday, January 03, 2009 Y 12:02 AM

happy 2ohoh9
feeling kindof weird.
haha. i was thinking maybe i should have gone overseas to study...
i'll have a new environment, more shopping and the best thing; i could leave everything behind.
just go off into my own world and come back during festive seasons.
i'll be too homesick to think about anything else.
too busy partying and shopping to think of what you're doing.
i dont know. but since i'm stuck here i might as well be the best that i can be.
afterall, the first bible people read would be my life.
maybe thats why i'm so anal about certain moral issues.
nono, but i should not be irritated in the first place.
i should just be a nice person though i know very well its not easy.

What can I give What can I bring
That would be pleasing to my King
I'll give my heart not just a part
I'm lifting up everything
Well it's all I have to offer
And it's all I have to give

Two hands one heart One life to offer You
Two hands one heartT
hat's what I give to You

Use me today I know You can
Lord I surrender to Your plan
You made this heart You made these hands
Take me and use me as I am

Well it's all I have to offer
And it's all I have to give

Little becomes a lot
When it's in Your hands
Take me and make me more like You
Well it may not seem like much
But with the Master's touchI know that I'll be more like You
That's what I give to you

and thats all i need(: